Ryan Hammond - just another translation

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01 I'll miss our biological heritage
02 Jungles are for salad
03 I'm sleepy and things feel funny
04 I get so tired of trying
05 The moon
06 Daddy's pride
07 Epona twelve times
08 I hope you'll stay with me
09 Time souvenir
10 I can't remember
11 Verde valley
12 Found my old youtube account
13 Have you seen my rock collection?

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Young musician from a little town in Missouri, United States, with a very musical second name Hammond found website through the magical social networking ability of YouTube, being interested in Steve Reich's piano phase music and particularly an impressive two pianos one guy performance-style of Peter Aidu. It was a pleasure to receive some of Ryan's demos and we were very touched and impressed by his wonderful music, especially being thrilled by the easy-going approach, original bedroom production lo-fi flavor, melodic fulfillment and definite beauty of this wild and strangely attractive tunes.
Being as straightforward as possible, without looking around through well-established definitions of electronic music sub-genres, without looking forward to specifically satisfy the ambitious modern music lovers, he keeps up with his own understanding of the inner beauty of simple melodies and distortions.
His debut album comprise all the best of his various recordings, never being available to someone outside Ryan's bedroom. Simplicity is the key recordings of human voice, guitar, violin, chord organ, mixed up with some electronics and home field recordings and sounds ripped from random YouTube videos give birth to wonderfully attractive and charming music.
You can never get tired of listening it, and every time you're getting something out of it. It's magic, and we can't help ourselves but to share it with all of you! Give it a try, and soon you'd be carried away by charming beauty of this amazing album, so refreshing, so breath-taking, so appealing.